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Jessica Palmer, MSW: Program Manager
Jessica is the Manager of the Waiting Child Program and holds a Master of Social Work degree. She came to Holt in 2007 from the United Way of Greater Houston, where she worked with a collaborative focused on the needs of children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Jessica collaborates with social workers in matching children with families and prepares family presentations for the Waiting Child Committee. She also coordinates and maintains grants and submits child profiles for Holt publications.

Eileen Nittler: Older Child/Sibling Adoption Social Worker
Eileen has a Master of Social Work degree and a background in child welfare and family preservation. She worked for the State of Oregon for several years prior to starting at Holt in 1999. She works both in the Waiting Child Program assessing and presenting family profiles to the selection committee, and as a direct social worker for families in Oregon. She is an adoptive parent and has been a foster parent for the state.

Erin Mower: Program Assistant
Erin is the Waiting Child Program Assistant and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Duquesne University. She came to Holt in 2008 and manages the administrative portion of the Waiting Child Program. She talks with families about the Waiting Child process and paperwork, explains country guidelines, shares information on specific waiting children, maintains the photo listing, and coordinates with our international programs to gather updated child information.

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