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After helping to establish a local partner organization, the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF), Holt began serving children in the Philippines in 1976. Working alongside KBF, Holt has helped to improve local childcare and adoption practices as well as find loving, stable families in the U.S. for over 900 orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines. Most importantly, there are many children in the Philippines who are waiting for a permanent, loving family right now.

Why Choose Holt?

Holt has a highly respected adoption program in the Philippines with a stable, predictable process, short timeframe from match to travel, and a short time spent in country. Our long-standing partner in the region has years of experience coordinating international adoption processes, and the English-speaking staff are available to escort and support families during the adoption trip.


Preserving Families

While international adoption is the best route to a stable, loving family for many children, Holt first strives to keep or reunite children with their birth families whenever possible. To strengthen struggling families in the Philippines, Holt and KBF provide services ranging from daycare and nutritional assistance to support for single mothers and microloans to help families generate income.

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Detailed Child Info

Reports on children who need families are very detailed, containing family background, behavioral and developmental information. Most older children have English-speaking skills and, through the Philippines ambassador program, many Holt staff and volunteers have personally met and interacted with them.

Philippines adoption 


Personalized Support

Our post-adoption services are second to none. From camps, family support groups, counseling and adoption-specific nutrition advice to birth family searches, citizenship questions and homeland tours, we stand by you for life — because we know that your adoption doesn't end when you arrive home.

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Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family in the Philippines.

Philippines Adoption Questions

Start Your Adoption Journey

Whether you are still gathering information or you feel ready to apply to adopt, we have many free ways for you to explore our programs or get started.

Stories About Adoptive Families and Holt's Work in the Philippines



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