Ethiopia Adoption

Since 2008, Holt has provided the tools and resources to keep vulnerable children with their families in Ethiopia. We've partnered with schools, community leaders, local governments, medical professionals and social workers to holistically fight poverty and child abandonment. We also partner with and support care centers for children waiting for families, and over the past seven years, we've found adoptive families for 525 orphaned or abandoned children.

Why Choose Holt?

Holt has excellent partnerships with family strengthening organizations and community leaders in Ethiopia. We support the most reputable care centers for orphaned or abandoned children and we work closely with local advocacy groups and government officials.


Our Reputation

Holt's superb reputation in Ethiopia developed from our extensive work with children and families in the community, and has enabled us to form strong relationships with partners that will benefit families adopting a child through our Ethiopia program.

Family Preservation in Ethiopia 


Staff Expertise

Holt's in-country staff is of the highest quality. They work to streamline adoption cases, provide updated child reports and communicate with our partner orphanages and local government offices. They will also assist adoptive families traveling to Ethiopia.     

Programs in Ethiopia to help children 


Individualized Support

Holt's U.S. staff will work closely with you throughout the process from beginning to end. We want you to feel informed and prepared to adopt, every step of the way, and will go above and beyond to provide education tools, resources, travel coordination and more.

Ethiopia adoption education 



Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family.

Facts about Ethiopia Adoption

Start Your Adoption Journey

Whether you are still gathering information or you feel ready to apply to adopt, we have many free ways for you to explore our programs or get started.

Stories About Adoptive Families and Holt's Work in Ethiopia



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