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Adopt from Mongolia

In 2024, Holt reopened its adoption program in Mongolia to help find families for children with a wide range of needs.

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Many children in Mongolia are waiting for a loving, permanent family.

In Mongolia, children waiting for families are typically 9-14 years old at the time of placement and have developmental, medical and/or emotional needs. Children often enter care due to neglect, abandonment or the death of their parents. Children live in care centers while they wait for their adoptive family, and there is a significant amount of information about the child once they enter care.

Holt has been working in Mongolia since 1999 to help care for orphans and vulnerable children. Thanks to the expertise of our Holt staff in Mongolia and in the U.S., our team will work closely with you throughout the adoption process to ensure that you feel informed and prepared every step of the way.

Children in Mongolia Who Need Families

  • The Mongolia program seeks families for both boys and girls.
  • Children ages 4-14 are available for adoption, but, on average, children are typically 9-14 at the time they join their adoptive families.
  • Children often enter care due to abandonment, neglect or the death of their parents.
  • Children live in care centers while they wait, and there is a significant amount of information about the child once they enter care.
  • Children often have a challenging history and may have a wide range of needs, including prenatal alcohol and/or tobacco exposure and developmental delays.
  • Children who are part of sibling groups, who are older in age or who have more involved medical or developmental needs are featured on our waiting child photolisting.
  • Children with few or no identified needs are adopted domestically in Mongolia. As a result, Holt seeks families to parent children with more complex needs. Learn more about Disabilities & Medical Conditions in Special Needs Adoption.
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Meet the children waiting for a family

To preserve children’s confidentiality, you will be asked to log in or sign up before you access the waiting child photolisting.

Eligibility Requirements & Fees

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Need help funding your adoption?

Families adopting through Holt receive free, professional guidance and support from a one-on-one finance coach throughout their adoption process. Even if you’re just considering adoption, email us to set up your first consultation today!

Stories About Adoption from Mongolia

Mongolia Adoption FAQs

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