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Through the years, Holt has placed over 800 children from Thailand with families in the United States — including more than 260 children just over the past decade. Most importantly, many children in Thailand are waiting right now for a permanent, loving family of their own.

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The Thailand Special Needs Project — which places children who are older in age or who have more involved special needs — is open to applicants and eligibility guidelines are very flexible! To learn more about the Special Needs Project eligibility guidelines, please click here.

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Why Choose Holt?

For over 46 years, Holt International has worked to serve the needs of homeless and at-risk children and families in Thailand. However, international adoption is just one of the ways Holt works to ensure children in Thailand can grow up in loving, stable homes. Before pursuing adoption, Holt always strives to keep children in the loving care of their birth families — providing services to help prevent child abandonment and keep families together.


Preserving Families

Holt International, together with its local partner Holt Sahathai Foundation, provides an array of services to uplift children and strengthen families. Ultimately, our goal is to help families become both stable and self-reliant — equipping them with the tools and resources they need to independently care for their children, and for their children to grow and thrive.

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On-The-Ground Staff

Holt Sahathai Foundation – Holt's respected in-country partner agency of almost 40 years — does an excellent job supporting birth families and preparing children for adoption. The children Holt places for adoption are typically toddlers who spend the first several weeks of their life with their birth mother, and are then transferred into loving foster families.

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Personalized Support

Our post-adoption services are second to none. From camps, family support groups, counseling and adoption-specific nutrition advice to birth family searches, citizenship questions, homeland tours and more, we stand by you for life — because we know that your adoption doesn't end when you arrive home.

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Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family in Thailand.

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Start Your Adoption Journey

Whether you are still gathering information or you feel ready to apply to adopt, we have many free ways for you to explore our programs or get started.

Stories About Adoptive Families and Holt's Work in Thailand



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