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Early Childhood Care & Development

Holt sponsors and donors support early childhood care and development programs in nine locations.

Early Childhood Care Programs Provide a Critical Foundation for Children

Early childhood care and development is foundational for at-risk children and families. In many countries, Holt sponsors and donors help children living in impoverished communities attend preschools and daycare centers where they develop social and cognitive skills, eat nutritious meals, receive therapy and support for special needs, and learn the importance of education at a young age. This sets them up for long-term success in school and in life. In many communities, these programs also provide a safe environment for parents to bring their young children while they work to provide for their families.

preschool aged girl in class

Give Free Preschool

Holt-supported daycare and preschool offers children a safe, attentive learning environment and nutritious meals or snacks — creating the foundation for lifelong success in school.

350 million preschool-age children lack child care

Holt donors support free or reduced-cost child care for vulnerable children. With reliable child care, parents can seek and maintain regular employment — creating family stability and preventing separation.

Poverty keeps kids from reaching their potential

In many developing countries, sponsors help fund early education programs for children living in extreme poverty — providing classroom supplies, teacher trainings, nourishing meals and more.

1 in 200 children in the world is displaced

Displacement can stunt a child’s development. In India, sponsors support an early education program for children of migrant families — giving them a safe, enriching place to learn and grow.

Our Programming Approach Is Driven By the Needs of Children and Families

Holt creates programs tailored to the unique needs of children and families in every community where we work. Some early childhood programs help children cope with trauma, while others provide therapy for children with special needs. Everywhere, sponsors and donors help children thrive by meeting their individual needs. Read about a few of our early childhood care and development programs around the world.

Migrant Daycare Provides Safe Space for Children

In Bengaluru, India, migrant workers often bring young children with them while they work on dangerous construction sites. Here, sponsors and donors provide free, safe daycare, nourishing meals and more.

Gril standing outside with two boys

Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Families

In Colombia, sponsors support a preschool for children at high risk of domestic violence. Children receive trauma counseling while their parents learn non-violent resolution skills through a partner program.

Early Childhood Care Programs Change Lives

In Ethiopia, Holt’s rapidly growing Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program strives to increase opportunity and accessibility to high-quality education for children from disadvantaged families.

Stories About Holt’s Early Childhood Care & Development Programs

You can help a child reach their potential!

As a sponsor, you will help provide everything a child needs to thrive — from food, clothing and shelter to early childhood care and development.

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Explore how Holt sponsors and donors care for children around the world!

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