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Around the world, Holt education programs empower children to rise above poverty.

Holt’s Global Education Efforts Help Children Reach Their Potential

Education empowers children to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. It is also the most powerful tool children can use to break the cycle of poverty in not just their own lives, but in the lives of their families and communities. In countries where Holt works around the world, Holt sponsors and donors help remove the barriers that keep children from attending school — from covering the cost of school fees, uniforms and supplies, to teaching parents and community members about the importance of education for all children. Not only does education prepare a child for his or her future, it also helps to combat early marriage, child labor and trafficking, family migration and gender inequality. 

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Back-To-School Help

Your gift of school supplies will help a child living in poverty to attend school and learn their way out of poverty!

132 million girls worldwide do not attend school

India has one of the highest rates of out-of-school children in the world, most of them girls. In India and other countries where girls face discrimination, sponsors help send both boys and girls to school.

Children with special needs are often excluded

In lower-income countries, 40% of children with special needs are not in school. In many communities, Holt sponsors provide support and resources for children with special needs to attend school.

24 million children may drop out because of COVID

By providing laptops, internet access, school supplies, masks and more, Holt sponsors help children adapt to new learning environments and continue their education through this global crisis.

Our Approach to Education is Driven by the Needs of Every Child

Everywhere Holt works, our teams on the ground work to create programs that address the unique needs of children and families. In India, Holt sponsors and donors empower girls to overcome gender barriers — helping them stay in school and avoid early marriage. In Mongolia, Holt supports a school for children whose families work in a garbage dump. In every community, Holt’s education programs help children reach their potential and escape poverty. Read about a few of our education programs around the world.

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A School for Children with Special Needs

In a province of Vietnam with a high disability rate, Holt sponsors help children attend the only school for children with special needs. Students receive an education designed to build their confidence and improve their skills. 

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Helping Girls Stay in School, Avoid Early Marriage

In India, the COVID-19 crisis significantly increased the risk of child marriage. But in the communities where Holt works in India, sponsors empower girls to stay in school longer — and avoid early marriage.

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A Sanctuary Amid the Refuse for Children in Need

In 2016, Holt sponsors began supporting a school in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for children whose families work in the city garbage dump. Here, children find warm refuge, nutritious meals, education, dignity and opportunity.

Stories About Holt’s Child Education Programs

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Send a Child to School

The gift of a scholarship covers tuition for one student to go to school for one year.

You can help a child reach their potential!

As a sponsor, you will help provide the food, clothing, medical care and educational support a child needs to grow and thrive!

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