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Holt International Adoption Agency Reviews

If you’re considering international adoption, it’s important to read adoption agency reviews. Here’s what families have to say about adopting internationally through Holt.

Holt Treated Us Like Family

“We will always be grateful for Holt International and the work they did to bring us together as a forever family. Working with the Taiwan team was such a pleasure, and they treated us like family. We hope the desire to adopt is placed in the hearts of more families so they may be blessed with the same joys and rewards that our family has experienced.”

Julia and Kevin Breure, adopted Nora, at age 2, from Taiwan in 2023

Breure family adoption agency review of Holt after adopting daughter from Taiwan in 2023, shown with their other two daughters outside
Nora with her parents and sisters

Holt Helped Us Navigate a Complex Process

“We could tell from the very first call to Holt that we were in the best hands. Our process was complicated and involved navigating complex medical needs. Holt demonstrated a depth of experience coordinating with the partners in Bulgaria and the U.S. government, which resulted in a seamless process. Thank you Holt for helping us bring our little girl home!”

Amanda and Jared Abuhl, adopted Anna, at age 2, from Bulgaria in 2022

A large adoptive family walks in the fall leaves
Anna enjoying a walk with her family

Holt Took Us on a Life-Changing Journey

“We are immensely grateful to Holt International for the care and support they have provided to our family along this journey. The staff in Colombia was nothing short of incredible! Consider adoption because it is life-changing — and consider Holt because they truly strive to find the right families for children.”

Bre and Drew Traver, adopted William, at age 7, and Jeison, at age 4, from Colombia in 2019

The Traver family with sons in Colombia on adoption day with Holt
William and Jeison on their adoption day in Colombia

Holt Worked With Us at All Hours

“We adopted two boys from Taiwan. Holt was helpful and patient through every step of the process. We were especially grateful during our second adoption overseas when some critically important questions arose. Staff members were available to converse and work with us at all hours.”

Tiffany and Jeff McDougal, adopted Eli, at age 4, from Taiwan in 2018 and Parker, at age 6, from Taiwan in 2022

McDougal family photo at home with dog, adoption agency review of Holt after adopting two sons from Taiwan
Parker and Eli at home with their family

Holt Helped Us Create a Family

“We are truly grateful for the staff at Holt. With the timeline and tedious paperwork, we had tremendous support that allowed us to focus on our daughter…Without Holt, we feel strongly the days would have felt longer, the travel would have been scarier and our family never would be complete.”

Jessica and Jeff Burmeister, adopted AubreyMae, at 17 months, from China in 2018

Burmeister family photo outdoors adoption agency review of Holt after adopting daughter from China
AubreyMae at home with her mom and dad

Holt Was Trustworthy and Professional

“We adopted our son from China with the help of Holt International. We found the Holt staff to be transparent, trustworthy, knowledgeable, kind, encouraging and professional. We are so thankful that our adoption experience was a positive one and that our lives have forever been changed for the better with the addition of our son. We can’t say enough good things about working with Holt!”

Jade and David Sekula, adopted Micah, at age 5, from China in 2018

Dad and mom sitting on front porch steps with son adopted from China
Micah at home with his parents, shortly after his adoption

Holt Was Always There to Support Us

“For those considering adopting a child with special needs, we suggest following your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right to you, don’t hesitate to contact the Holt country team you’re working with. They were more than willing to do what it took so that we had all of the information we needed to make the decision that was right for us. We were prepared to handle the worst-case scenario, but Holt was there to support us — whatever decision we made.”

Allison and David S., adopted Brennan, at age 2, from China in 2015

Family photo in church with children, including child adopted from China
Brennan and his family on the day of his baptism

Holt Guided Our Path in Korea

“We had a wonderful experience adopting our two children from Korea. The Holt staff held our hand every step of the way, and while we were in country, they were able to assist other adoptive families who were using other agencies. We are eternally grateful.”

Elizabeth and Jimmy Occhipinti, adopted Lilyana, at 9 months, from Korea in 2008 and Victor, at age 3, from Korea in 2011

Occhipinti family adoption agency review of Holt after adopting son and daughter from Korea, shown with their other children in merriment
Lilyana and Victor with their family

Holt’s Post Adoption Services Were Invaluable

“When our eldest son became a preteen, he started pushing the boundaries and showing early signs of independence. This coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, and these ‘growing pains’ escalated quickly. I needed help and turned to Holt’s post adoption services.

I started off by attending various webinars and learned something helpful every time. Next, I began working one-on-one with social worker Carolyn Cain, MSW, in Holt’s Post Adoption Coaching & Education (PACE) program. The PACE sessions were incredibly valuable — a shot of education, inspiration and empathy. And Carolyn was such a joy. I never felt judged or shamed. I highly recommend all of Holt’s post adoption services!”

Becca Clarke, mother of two boys from Korea

adoptive family with two boys stand and smile on the beach
Becca with her husband and sons

Holt Helped Us Join the “Coolest Club”

Katelyn and Chad Fuson talk about their decision to adopt Willa — and offer advice to other families who are considering adoption.

International adoption can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, yet the process can be long and complicated. By researching international adoption agency reviews, families can learn about the support services and post adoption services available to parents and adoptees throughout the entire journey. As a pioneer in international adoption, Holt is Hague accredited with adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Haiti, Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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