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Post Adoption Services

Holt is here to offer lifelong support to all adoptees, adoptive families, birth parents, caregivers and other loved ones.

Whether you’re an adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parent, our team is here to support you through the lifelong journey of adoption.

Our post adoption services team stands committed to serving all those whose lives have been touched by adoption. We recognize that relinquishment and adoption have lifelong effects. Our team seeks to better understand and address the unique and varied needs of the people we serve. If you are a birth parent, an adoptive parent, an adoptee or someone else affected by adoption, this is the place for you.

Have questions? Need help accessing services or resources not mentioned here? Please contact our post adoption services department at (541) 687-2202 or [email protected], or fill out our contact form.

Adult Adoptees

Connect. Find resources. Read stories.

Youth Adoptees

Programs, mentorship and support services for all youth adoptees.

Adoptive Families

Coaching, parenting education and resources.

Birth Parents

Support for birth parents in the U.S. and abroad.

Get details on how to conduct a birth search.

Citizenship & Documentation

Request file copies or learn more about citizenship requirements.

Post Adoption Reports

Details on reports due once your adopted child arrives in the U.S.

Summer Camps for Adoptees

Explore experiences for adoptees and family members ages 9-17.

Support & Education

Learn about training for parents and adoption professionals.

Mom and dad laughing and playing with adopted son.

Holt’s Adoptive Parent Resource Center Helps You Raise Resilient Children

Explore parenting resources, tips and guidance to help your adopted child thrive!

Looking for Post Adoption Reports and Annual Reports?

Now that your child has joined your family, there are specific reports you will need to file depending on the location from which you adopted.

Adoptee Birth Country Travel

Our team can help arrange visits to important adoption landmarks like orphanages or adoption offices. Holt offers group travel opportunities, as well as assistance for family trips to country of birth.

Resources for Post Adoption

We’ve gathered these links to content, cultural artifacts and support to help adult adoptees get the resources they need. Want to add to this list? Contact us at [email protected].

Parent Training for Adoptive Families

Help your adopted child reach their full potential! Topics covered in training include:

  • Racial & adoptee identity
  • Privilege
  • Birth parent considerations
two adopted girls smile for camera

Support Adoptees and Adoptive Families!

Help adoptees and adoptive families thrive by ensuring lifetime adoption support services are available to all those whose lives are touched by adoption.

Stories About Adoptees, Adoptive Families and Birth Parents

Caley and the “Grey” Space of Racial Identity

A Vietnamese adoptee shares what it’s like to be a transracial adoptee growing up in Oregon, existing in the “grey” space and attitudes toward racial stereotypes through an adoptee lens.

Contact the Holt Post Adoption Services team for help with these services and more.

To determine if Holt International was your placing agency, or to contact a post adoption staff person, please complete the inquiry form here. You’ll receive an email in 2-5 business days confirming that Holt was your placing agency, or referring you to other agencies. If you know that Holt wasn’t your placing agency, you are still welcome to contact us. We do offer some services for non-Holt adult adoptees and would be glad to discuss these with you.

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