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Economic Empowerment

Around the world, Holt sponsors and donors empower families to grow stable and self-reliant.

Economic Empowerment Programs Help Struggling Families Provide for Their Children

So many parents feel helpless to support their families when they themselves lack the education or skills to find stable work. Households headed by single parents — especially single mothers — are often the most vulnerable. In many countries, Holt sponsors and donors help provide job skills training to single mothers who face stigma and discrimination, or women who suddenly find themselves the sole providers for their children after their husband dies or leaves the family. Whether it’s sewing, gardening, starting a small business or raising livestock, Holt’s economic empowerment programs equip struggling parents with the tools, education and experience they need to earn a stable income and provide for their children. Ultimately, these programs help families become strong and self-reliant, prevent separation and help children grow and thrive. 

two single mothers in Haiti at job skills training

Empower a Mom with Job Skills

Your gift of education or job skills training will help a family stay together, and their children grow and thrive!

5 million more women than men live in extreme poverty

Holt sponsors and donors empower women living in poverty through education and job skills training — helping them care for their children and break the cycle of poverty in their families.  

The COVID-19 crisis disproportionately impacts women and girls

Around the world, Holt is actively working to keep girls in school and women employed — providing resources to sustain their small businesses throughout this ongoing global crisis. 

Globally, over 100 million women are single mothers

In many countries, Holt sponsors and donors provide the tools and resources women need to independently provide for their children, and cope with the stigma and discrimination they face as single mothers.

Our Approach to Economic Empowerment is Driven by the Needs of Children and Families

In every community where Holt works, our teams on the ground work alongside local partners to create programs that address the unique needs of children and families. In some countries where the stigma of single motherhood remains embedded in the culture, Holt donors empower women to parent and provide for their children. In more rural communities, Holt’s self-help group model empowers parents to work together to improve their living standards and help their children grow and thrive. Read about a few of our different economic empowerment programs around the world.

group of people posing for photo in Uganda

Teaching Financial Literacy

In rural Uganda, families are encouraged to save and contribute to a community savings fund that they can borrow from to help expand their small business — or when illness or another unforeseen expense arises.

woman raise hands while sitting on rug

The Brave Women of Cambodia

Through women’s self-help groups, mothers or grandmothers gather to discuss common problems, participate in a community savings and loan program, and learn income-generating skills such as raising livestock. 

Empowering Single Moms

In Korea, Holt sponsors and donors provide care and support for single mothers and their children, including education and job skills training to help each mom earn a stable income and provide for her family.

Stories About Holt’s Economic Empowerment Programs

Help a child to thrive in their family!

As a sponsor, you help provide everything a child needs to thrive — from food, clothing and school supplies to job skills training for their parents!

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