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Travel with Holt

Holt International travel opportunities include something for everyone!

Heritage Tours for Adoptees and Adoptive Families

Holt International Heritage Tours give adoptive families and adoptees an opportunity to connect with their heritage and explore the country of their birth.

Vision Trips for those passionate about serving children

Holt Vision Trips are open to anyone who has a heart for orphaned and vulnerable children and wants to be a part of our mission to ensure a stable, loving home for every child.

Heritage Tours for Adoptees and Families

We offer trips for adult adoptees as well as trips for the whole family, including children as young as 10. Read about our annual tours to Korea, China and Mongolia.

China Heritage Tour

On Holt’s annual heritage tour of China, adoptees and their families have the opportunity to experience the culture, customs and history of China as presented by the local people. They get to see everyday life in China, from big cities to rural villages, and participate in cultural activities. They visit a number of famous Chinese tourist sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors and the mountains of Guilin. From local experts, they learn about adoption, orphanages and child welfare in China. Whenever possible, adoptees also have a chance to visit their former orphanage, foster family and/or sites significant to their adoption story and meet people who touched their early lives before they joined their adoptive families. The China tour is open to families of children adopted from any province and through any agency.

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Korea Heritage Tour

From Seoul to Gyeongju, Busan and Jeju Island, tour participants experience Korea together as they visit national and historic sites, and learn about Korea’s rich cultural heritage. This tour typically includes visits to the Korean Folk Village, Seoul Tower, DMZ, the fish market in Busan, Mt. Hallasan in Jeju, and much more. Tour participants also visit Holt sponsor and donor-supported programs such as the Ilsan Center for children and adults with special needs, a children’s care center, and a shelter for single mothers and their children. This tour is open to all Korean adoptees and adoptive families, whether or not their placing agency was Holt. Adoptees of all ages are able to visit their birth city or orphanage. If an adoptee lived in foster care in Seoul before joining their adoptive family, we also try to arrange a meeting with their former foster family. Adoptees ages 13 and older are able to review their adoption file with a Holt Korea social worker and discuss any questions they have about their roots. And for adult adoptees, ages 19 and older, we can also initiate a birth family search.

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Mongolia Heritage Tour

In 2017, adoptees and their families traveled on Holt’s first heritage tour of Mongolia. Designed to be both a personal as well as a shared experience for adoptees, this tour gives adoptees and their loved ones the opportunity, if possible, to visit their orphanages, the locations where they were found, and to meet individuals who may have cared for them before they joined their adoptive families in the U.S. Together, the tour participants learn about the amazing history and rich cultural heritage of this remarkable nation. They travel outside of Ulaanbaatar, ride camels and horses, visit historic sites and spend the night under the stars sleeping in traditional Mongolian homes called gers.

Vision Trips

These trips are open to anyone with an interest in Holt and a passion to serve children.

Korea Gift Team Tour

Every year, Holt’s Korea Gift Team travels to Korea to help create a magical, joyous Christmas for a special group of children, plus residents with disabilities at the Ilsan Center! On this special tour, you will also get the opportunity to explore Holt’s history and see Holt’s vision in action – through parties at Ilsan and the Jeonju Babies’ Home, as well as a visit to an unwed mothers’ shelter, and a ceremony to honor foster mothers.

Korea gift team

Registration for the 2023 Korea Gift Team tour is now closed. Learn more about the tour below, and check back to join the 2024 tour!

Mongolia landscape

Mongolia Vision Trip

Join us on a special journey to Mongolia to experience the culture and visit children and families in Holt’s Mongolia programs. You’ll interact with children at the Red Stone school, visit a Holt-supported orphanage, and meet a family who has received a ger home thanks to Holt supporters like you. View the itinerary and learn how to register for this incredible opportunity.

Mongolia Vision Trip with Holt International and children in Holt's support programs

Register now for the May 5-May 11, 2024 trip!

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