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Adopt from Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, Holt works alongside local partner agency Vesta — an agency that shares our mission to advocate for the rights of children living in institutions to join permanent, loving families through adoption.

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Many children in Bulgaria are waiting for a loving, permanent family.

In Bulgaria, many older children, children with special needs and sibling groups are waiting to be matched with adoptive families. Most Bulgarian children eligible for international adoption have also experienced some degree of trauma, and families will need to be prepared to parent a child with complex needs. The Bulgaria program is however one of the most flexible and open programs in terms of parental eligibility. Throughout your adoption process, Holt’s U.S. staff will also work closely with you to ensure you feel informed and prepared every step of the way. We go above and beyond to provide all the resources and assistance you need, including a detailed, trauma-informed adoptive parent education uniquely tailored to your family and the specific child you hope to adopt.

Children in Bulgaria Who Need Families

  • Boys, girls and siblings, ages 2-15, of Bulgarian, Turkish and Roma heritage are waiting for families. 
  • The majority of children in need of families are 5-14 years old or part of a sibling group. Children have varying degrees of special needs, from minor and correctable to more complex. Learn more about Disabilities & Medical Conditions in Special Needs Adoption.
  • The most common special needs are related to institutionalization, abuse and neglect, and children adopted from Bulgaria will need adoptive parents who are prepared to meet the needs of children with developmental delays and/or a history of trauma.
  • Other common special needs include prematurity, low birth weight (and related medical issues and delays), skin conditions, issues related to malnutrition, speech delays, heart murmurs (often resolved), learning disorders, and intellectual and physical disabilities.
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Meet the children waiting for a family

To preserve children’s confidentiality, you will be asked to log in or sign up before you access the waiting child photolisting.

Eligibility Requirements & Fees

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Families adopting through Holt receive free, professional guidance and support from a one-on-one finance coach throughout their adoption process. Even if you’re just considering adoption, email us to set up your first consultation today!

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