Food Assistance

Around the world, Holt programs nourish the most vulnerable children.

Holt’s School Lunch and Food Assistance Programs Address the Hunger Gap Worldwide

When children and families enter Holt’s food assistance programs, they are often malnourished or suffering from a food-related illness. During the past year, COVID-19 has made life even harder for struggling families, especially those whose children get their one nutritious meal of the day at school.

Around the world, Holt sponsors and donors have helped provide the funds for healthy school meals, emergency food baskets and additional support for communities struggling to access nutritious food. Holt ensures that children and families receive good nutrition through reliable school meals, direct cash transfers for groceries and through the distribution of seedlings, fruit trees and chickens — enabling families to grow their own food at home.

For many children, the meal they receive at school is the only consistent meal they will eat in their day. Families are often in dire straits and children are hungry, unable to learn, frequently ill and not growing.”

Emily DeLacey, Director of Holt’s Nutrition and Health Services

How Holt Helps to Eliminate Hunger

With the support of sponsors and donors, Holt works tirelessly to ensure that families around the world have their basic needs met. No one should go to bed hungry or lack access to safe drinking water.

graphic of a warm meal in circle

1,000,000+ Healthy Meals

Each year, Holt sponsors and donors help provide more than 1,000,000 meals to children and families. Through our programs, Holt ensures that families not only have enough to eat, but that their household food security is strengthened. When families thrive, entire communities thrive!

graphic of goat in a circle

1,000s of Animals & Trees

Holt sponsors and donors provide thousands of goats, chickens, ducks, seedlings and trees each year to families in need, contributing to their household food security. When supplied with these items, families cook more nutritious meals — and often are able to generate income from these food sources.

 Holt’s Food Assistance Programs — in Action!

Healthy meals help children to grow and thrive, and reduce stress on vulnerable families. Meet the children and families whose lives have been transformed through Holt’s donor-funded food assistance programs. 

Children in a Mongolian day care center enjoy a snack provided by Holt sponsors and donors.
A mother’s group in India learns how to prepare healthy meals before receiving food assistance packages and other family support.

After receiving a food assistance bundle in Vietnam, this family heads home to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal.
Children living in residential care in the Philippines receive a nutritious and balanced meal using fresh, locally sourced foods.
Schoolchildren receive a nutritious lunch composed of whole-grain chapati, vegetable gravy with protein-rich lentils and a cup of milk!
Children living in an orphanage in China receive a healthy lunch.

On our side we are praying for the continuation of Holt’s [Feeding and Medical Checkup] program. It has many benefits for everyone. It especially helps the children, parents and everyone else.”

Food Service Provider in Haiti
Hungry little girl in Africa

Feed a Hungry Child

Your gift can save a child from another week of hunger.

School Meals: An Essential Vehicle for Children to Learn and Grow

In almost every country where Holt works, sponsors and donors provide nutritious school meals to help children learn and develop to their full potential. From providing hearty, balanced breakfasts and lunches to tasty, high-protein porridge, Holt addresses child hunger wherever we see it.

Emergency Relief Programs Provide Critical Care for Families

Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases are the biggest killer of children under age 5. Lack of nutritious food is a barrier to children’s growth and ability to learn, and can lead to family separation. Holt’s emergency food relief programs provide help to vulnerable families.

Holt’s Household Food Security Efforts Help Families Thrive

Holt supports households to become more food secure by providing them with seedlings, animals like goats and chickens, and the resources to start kitchen gardens. These efforts improve the nutritional status of children and help families become resilient to changing food prices. For many families, raising animals can also become a small business that allows them to further support themselves.

As a child sponsor, you will help provide everything a child needs to reach their potential — from loving care and education to the nourishing meals they need to thrive!