Health & Medical Interventions

Holt provides critical health and medical interventions in the communities we serve. 

Community Health Services and Medical Care Transform Children’s Lives

Every year, Holt sponsors and donors help to ensure children and families around the world have their basic health and medical needs met. In many countries, Holt works with local partners to support community health services that are accessible to families regardless of their income. In Mongolia, Holt sponsors and donors help provide therapists and trainers for children with disabilities. In Uganda, our donor-funded child health days offer essential nutrients and treatment for parasites to hundreds of thousands of children and pregnant women. In places like Haiti, doctors screen schoolchildren and provide vision and dental services that change children’s lives. And in one rural community in Ethiopia that lacked sufficient access to medical care, Holt donors helped build an entire maternal-child hospital — the Shinshicho Mother and Child Health Center.

“Community screening of children for malnutrition and illness has been eye-opening. The ‘hidden’ problem was so much bigger than we expected — which means our targeted early interventions are having the most impact.”

Emily DeLacey, Director of Holt’s Nutrition and Health Services

How Holt Keeps Families Healthy

When children and families receive access to health screenings, treatment for malnutrition and other medical care, their entire lives improve.

Graphic of clipboard with check boxes circle

280,000+ Health and Nutrition Screenings

Each year, Holt sponsors and donors provide more than 280,000 health and nutrition screenings to pregnant women, families and children of all ages. Early detection of malnutrition allows for the most effective treatment.

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2,400+ Health and Nutrition Interventions

Thanks to support from our donors and sponsors, Holt trains more than 2,400 community health workers in nutrition and health interventions each year. By operating community clinics in rural areas to providing door-to-door care, these health workers offer essential screenings for malnutrition and help address any other health-related issues families might have.

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240,000+ Supplements

When children and pregnant women suffer from parasites or micronutrient deficiencies, the effects can be detrimental — and even permanent. With the support of sponsors and donors, Holt provides more than 240,000 supplements each year, treating children for parasites and micronutrient deficiencies like anemia, and offering women prenatal vitamins throughout their pregnancy.

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Support for 1,000s of Children With Disabilities

In some Holt programs, more than 25% of children have disabilities. Holt sponsors and donors provide support for these children through essential therapies, adaptive equipment and wheelchairs, and resources and special training for caregivers and families.

Our Global Approach to Health Services & Medical Care

In countries around the world, Holt tailors its community health services, medical interventions and care for children with disabilities to the needs of each location. Alongside our in-country partners, we provide health screenings, supplements, medication, training and specialized care to the children and families who require them most.

“Holt Ethiopia’s intervention in the health and nutrition sector has increased the efficiency of the service providers and improved the quality of services to the most vulnerable children and their families.”

Zerihun Gultie, Country Director of Holt Ethiopia
children in line to receive parasite medication

Treat a Child for Parasites

Nearly all children in developing countries have parasitic worms, or are at risk of getting them. But if left untreated, this condition can be deadly. Your gift of deworming medication will treat children in a Holt-supported orphanage, school or community.

Holt’s Health & Medical Intervention Programs — in Action!

Healthcare is a basic human right for all children and families. Meet those whose lives have been transformed through Holt’s donor-funded health and medical intervention programs.

A premature infant in Mongolia receives life-saving health measures.
A premature baby in India receives care from a nurse.
A sick child in Mongolia receives critical one-on-one care from a trained healthcare worker.

A healthcare provider in Vietnam conducts health screenings for young children. 
A child in China prepares to have a bilateral cleft lip and palate surgery at Peace House, a special foster home for children receiving medical care.

We are now more equipped to prevent and address anemia, diarrhea and other conditions before they impact the growth and development of children.”

Merzel Demasu-ay, Nutritionist and Care Provider in the Philippines

As a child sponsor, you will help provide everything a child needs to reach their potential — from loving care and education to the routine medical care they need to thrive!