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Two little boys hold up peace hands with lunch tray

Across Mongolia, Holt sponsors and donors provide nutritious school lunch to students. Cooks prepare soup, pasta, fruit, fresh vegetables and other healthy foods for students at care centers and schools around Mongolia every day! Thanks to this food, these children have all the nutrients they need to grow, learn and thrive! 

Little girl in school uniform smiles whil holding lunch tray
Young person holds school lunch tray, smiling.
Example tray of school lunch in Mongolia.
Group of children seated around table enjoy school lunch!
Little girl in school uniform smiles with school lunch.
Boy smiles big holding school lunch tray in Mongolia
Two little boys hold up peace hands with lunch tray
Girl smiles and waves to camera with school lunch on table in front of her

Learn more about our programs in Mongolia, like providing families with warm, safe homes for winter and helping students at the Red Stone School!

Give Free School Lunch to a Hungry Child

So many children arrive at school without having eaten breakfast. Hunger pains keep them from learning in school. But just $30 provides school lunch to one child for one month!

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woman carrying for children during lunch in Mongolian orphanage

Become someone’s hero. Sponsor a child in Mongolia.

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