Because of You, Jovan Never Misses a Meal!

Critically malnourished and always tired, Jovan’s health was suffering. He needed help.

Jovan (left) and his siblings.

Pale and skinny, Jovan’s health was so poor, he didn’t even have enough energy to help around the house. He had terrible, debilitating stomach pains. He couldn’t gain weight even though his family gave him whatever extra food they had — which wasn’t very much.

Jovan is one of seven children. Both of his parents work, but they don’t make enough to support a family of nine. While none of them had enough to eat, Jovan’s health was worst of all…

You support an emergency feeding center for severely malnourished children in urban Manila in the Philippines.

But thanks to you, now Jovan eats every day!

Children in the program receive meals five days a week, as well as malnutrition monitoring. The results are amazing!

Jovan and his siblings started coming to the center every day to eat. They never miss a meal.

jovan eating a meal happy showing jovans health improved
Jovan enjoying a healthy, delicious and filling meal!

In just a few weeks, the light returned to Jovan’s eyes and his talkative personality reemerged. Within one month, his weight gain was obvious and Jovan’s health began to improve. He especially loves stewed vegetables and ground meat!

After six months in the feeding program, Jovan runs around, plays with his friends and is full of energy. He and his siblings are no longer critically malnourished. They grow stronger and healthier every day.

Thank you for providing this lifesaving, transformational food to Jovan and his siblings!

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