South Africa Adoption

Holt International launched our international adoption program in South Africa in 2021 and began seeking loving, permanent families for children in partnership with the Cape Town-based child protection agency Wandisa. For children who cannot remain with their birth family or join an adoptive family in South Africa, international adoption remains their best route to a permanent, loving family.

Why Choose Holt?


Preserving Families

As everywhere, Holt stands committed to ensuring every child in South Africa has the opportunity to remain in the loving care of their birth family whenever possible. Through our partnership with Wandisa, birth parents receive options counseling before relinquishing their child for adoption. For every child, the possibility of family reunification is thoroughly explored.

Adoption in South Africa 


Service to Families

Holt's U.S. staff will work closely with you throughout the adoption process. We want you to feel informed and prepared every step of the way. We go above and beyond to provide all the resources and assistance you need, including a detailed, trauma-informed adoptive parent education uniquely tailored to your family and the specific child you hope to adopt.

Service to Families 


Personalized Support

Our post-adoption services are second to none. From camps, family support groups, counseling and adoption-specific nutrition advice to birth family searches, citizenship questions, homeland tours and more, we stand by you for life — because we know that your adoption doesn't end when you arrive home.

Post Adoption Services 



Explore the average length of the adoption process, fees and expenses, parent eligibility and the needs of children waiting for a family.

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Start Your Adoption Journey

Whether you are still gathering information or you feel ready to apply, we have many ways for you to explore our programs and learn more about adopting through Holt.



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