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Adult Adoptees

We are here to serve, connect and support all adoptees.

Holt provides lifelong support to all adoptees, whether they were adopted through Holt or another agency. Every adoptee has a unique and complex life experience. Find out about the many ways we can assist you. Subscribe to our Adult Adoptee newsletter to stay connected to the adult adoptee community!

Holt’s post adoption services department provides a wide variety of search services for adoptees. If you are interested in beginning a birth parent search, begin here.

Citizenship & Documentation

Need help or advice on obtaining records or learning about citizenship? Contact us.

Support & Education

Adoption can result in emotional challenges and questions. We’re here to help. Contact us at [email protected].

Resources for Adult Adoptees

We’ve gathered these links to content, cultural artifacts and support to help adult adoptees get the resources they need. Want to add to this list? Contact us at [email protected].

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Circle Back – Adoptee Mentorship

Become a Circle Back mentor and help fellow adoptees. Join our community and work virtually with youth adoptees through guided group social events and one-on-one interaction.

Adoptee Birth Country Travel

Our team can help arrange visits to important adoption landmarks like orphanages or adoption offices. Holt offers group travel opportunities, as well as assistance for family trips to country of birth.

Stories About and for Adult Adoptees

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View the 2023 Adoptee Graduate Yearbook

Read about the Class of 2023 Holt adoptees who recently graduated from high school or college, and learn about their exciting plans for the future!

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