Circle Back – Adoptee Mentorship

Connecting, encouraging and empowering youth adoptees.

What is a Circle Back – Adoptee Mentorship?

Circle Back connects adult adoptee professionals from Holt’s post-adoption services department with youth and teen adoptees. Our video-based program promotes conversations on acknowledging and processing different facets of the adoptee and racial identity, helps lay the foundation for healthy development, and connects youth/teens with an adult adoptee professional. The format is engaging, fun and tailored to each adoptee and their family!

Circle Back costs $150. It includes:

  • Two one-on-one video sessions between a youth adoptee and an adoptee facilitator (45 minutes each)
  • One video session between a parent(s) and an adoptee facilitator to debrief

Connect your child with an older adoptee through Circle Back – Adoptee Mentorship

Designed for adoptees, by adoptees, Holt’s Circle Back program strives to help youth adoptees build a positive identity.

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