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After receiving care at a Holt-supported foster home Hua is able to join a permanent, loving family through domestic adoption in China.

At 2 months old, Hua was found abandoned and brought for care at Peace House, a medical foster home supported by Holt sponsors and donors in China. She had ulcers in her mouth and a mole on her head that needed to be surgically removed. She struggled to eat because of the ulcers and cried all the time.

Thankfully, Peace House caregivers knew what to do! At Peace House, children growing up without a family who need surgery receive round-the-clock, one-on-one care from medically trained caregivers. The caregivers help the children prepare for surgery, and then nurture them back to health before they return to the orphanage. Because of the care they receive, many children who stay at Peace House have been able to join families through adoption in China or the U.S.!

Hua with caregivers at Holt-supported medical foster home before she joined a family through adoption in China
Hua’s caregivers at Peace House taking her on an outing before she joined an adoptive family in China.

Hua stayed at Peace House for six months before she went in for surgery, doted on by caregivers who rocked her to sleep, sang to her when she cried, and went above and beyond to encourage her development. After surgery, Hua stayed in the hospital for 20 days before returning to Peace House, and needed extra love and attention from her caregivers when she got back. Her caregivers understood she was recovering not just physically, but emotionally from the trauma of surgery and hospitalization. Gradually, her trauma subsided and she recovered beautifully from the surgery. Her caregivers describe her as a happy, playful, smart baby girl.

Just this past March, at 14 months old, Hua was adopted by a family in China. By this time, Hua had learned from her caregivers how to say her first words — “Mommy” and “Daddy.”

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