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Penny and Sam are a close-knit sister-brother duo who want to be adopted together! Penny and Sam need a family with patience and love that’s familiar with sibling dynamics!

Meet siblings Sam and Penny! Holt staff had the opportunity to meet Sam and Penny for the second time during their March 2024 Special Needs Project trip. Here is what they shared:

We really enjoyed spending time with these children. The siblings were talkative and cooperative with us. While they waited to meet with our social workers, they both patiently sat and did various art projects. These siblings have a close relationship and desire to be adopted by a family one day.

Penny told us she is good at school, sports — especially volleyball — drawing and cooking! She also said she is typically a leader among peers, however, is happy to be a follower if someone else steps up as leader in class. Penny’s favorite subjects are math and science. In her free time, Penny enjoys watching ghost movies, singing competitions and the Disney movie Frozen. With her friends, she enjoys jumping rope and studying together.

During our visit, Sam had a lot of fun drawing with the rainbow scratch paper. He was excited to show us his final creation of a beautiful nature scene of elephants, flowers, clouds and the sun. When we met with Sam this year and in 2022, he was very smiley! Every time he spoke, he had a wonderful smile on his face. Sam is described as obedient, responsible, introverted and friendly. Sam is said to pay attention in class and is on track compared to his peers. Sam is affectionate; he will initiate hugs with other people. He often seeks the approval of adults.

The siblings live at the same orphanage, although they are in different rooms because of their genders. They see each other often for group activities. At their orphanage, there are a total of 12 children.

Could you be the right family for this pair? If you think you might be and you would like to learn more about them, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]! They are available to answer your questions, and they also have more photos and information about Penny and Sam.

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