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Chinese adoptee Katelyn Dixon with her adoptive family.

VIDEO: Adoptee Katelyn Dixon on the Beautiful Complexity of Adoption

Chinese adoptee and former Holt team member Katelyn Dixon shares about the challenges she sees many adoptees face, how Holt’s post-adoption team supports adoptees, and the value that adoption brings to society.

Over the summer, adoptee Katelyn Dixon visited Holt’s headquarters in Eugene to participate in interviews for a short documentary on international adoption that was set to appear on PBS in November. The documentary only ended up being five minutes long — and Katelyn appears briefly in it at the end! But she shared a lot more in her interview that didn’t make it into the final cut of the documentary. Below, we’ve pieced together a rough cut of Katelyn’s interview to share more of her insights on adoption and the adoptee experience, how Holt supports adoptees based on her experience working on the post-adoption team, and the value she believes adoption brings to society. (Note: At the end of the video, Susie Doig, Holt’s senior executive of U.S. programs, appears alongside Katelyn.)

View the documentary on international adoption featuring Holt staff that appeared on PBS!

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Did you know Holt provides support to all adoptees?

Every adoptee has a unique and complex life experience. Holt strives to support all adoptees, regardless of their placing agency, by providing help with birth search, citizenship and more.

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