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Little boy in yellow shirt plays on the floor

This is Todd! He is nine years old and waiting for a family! Todd needs a family to love him and provide him with stability and love.

Todd’s class recently went on an exciting field trip to the countryside. Todd actively participated in all the activities including touring a flower garden, practicing beekeeping, and making a guava and licorice root paste.

Caregivers describe Todd as lively and inquisitive. They say he loves to receive affection from familiar adults. His latest reports state he is taking a Southeast Asian language class this quarter. Because his birth family is Southeast Asian, he was curious to learn more about the culture. He excitedly shares with others that he is learning nursery rhymes.

His children’s home recently held a fundraising event. Todd was said to be a huge help as he sorted items, tried to sell goods, and helped with other various tasks. His reports state that he helped attract many customers!

An ideal adoptive family for Todd needs to have excellent educational resources to help him reach his potential. They should be open to unknowns and understand the effects of grief and loss on development. If you would like to learn more about Todd, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]. Our staff would love to share more photos and information about this sweet little boy!

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