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Screenshot from documentary on international adoption featuring Holt staff

VIDEO: View a 5-Minute PBS Documentary Featuring Holt Staff

We are so excited to share a full-length documentary on international adoption featuring Holt staff and premiering on PBS this month!

Produced by Empowered and hosted by actress Meg Ryan, the five-minute documentary shares about the changes in international adoption in recent years, the need for post-adoption services among adoptees and adoptive families, and why it’s so important that international adoption continues as a path to a family for children living in orphanages around the world.

The team from Empowered visited Holt headquarters over the summer to interview members of Holt leadership as well as Holt’s board chair, Derek Parker, Chinese adoptee Katelyn Dixon, and international medicine doctor and adoptee Dr. Judith Eckerle — all of whom appear in the final piece.

The documentary will periodically air on PBS stations throughout the coming year, and we hope it inspires viewers to learn more about Holt’s work and mission to ensure stable, loving families for children— and provide support and resources to help adoptees and their families thrive throughout their lives.

View the video now, with introduction by Meg Ryan, on the Empowered site!    

A child sits in a bare crib in an orphanage in Vietnam.

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