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Little boy sits at table playing with toys during assessment

Seven year old Wesley needs an adoptive family! Could you or someone you know be the right family to love him?

Wesley’s caregivers describe him as a cheerful, obedient and easy-going child. He gets along well with peers and his caretakers. When Holt staff visited Wesley during a Special Needs Project Trip in the Fall of ’22, he actively participated in all the tasks they asked of him. He specifically enjoyed coloring and playing with Play-Doh during the visit!

Wesley enjoys doing and learning new things. On a recent trip to a theme park, he was excited to experience and try new adventures. He is always willing to eat unfamiliar foods. But, his favorite foods include sticky rice, papaya salad, ice cream, KFC and pizza! He understands the difference between right and wrong, and he can express his feelings and desires and independently completes his activities of daily living.

Wesley recently moved to a new orphanage, and his caregivers say he is adapting and gets along well with the other children. He is the youngest in his home. Wesley enjoys playing with the other children and laughs out loud when he is given piggyback rides by the older boys. In his free time, he enjoys playing, coloring, and watching movies. Wesley speaks quietly. Sometimes it is hard for his caretakers to understand him, but he receives speech therapy to help improve his elocution.

An ideal adoptive family for Wesley should have access to a children’s medical facility with children’s neurology. The adopted family should be open to unknowns. They should understand institutionalization and parent using TBRI approaches. Wesley will need strong educational support and would likely do well with older siblings.

Wesley’s face is covered here due to country restrictions on privacy. However, we have plenty more recent photos and videos of him to share with prospective families! Our staff members have also met Wesley in person and would be happy to speak to potential adoptive parents about their experiences with him. If you would like to learn more about Wesley, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]!

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