runners line up at Miles for Moms start line

Holt friends and family, along with the local community, gathered at Alton Baker Park in Eugene on May 6 for our second annual Miles for Moms 5K walk/run! The event raised over $22,000 to help vulnerable children around the world, by providing medical support and adoption grants for those growing up without a family or mother to call their own. Thanks to Jordan Love, a Holt adoptee and employee as well as disability advocate, for his vision and for hosting this incredible event.

Jordan Love started Miles for Moms last year as a way to honor the mother figures in his life and raise money in support of vulnerable children.

“From my birth mother, to Molly Holt at the Ilsan Center in Korea, to my adoptive mom Jackie Love, there are so many amazing motherly figures in my life who have been instrumental in my development and molded me into who I am today. I am so grateful for the lessons they have taught me, and I feel a responsibility to honor them and continue the legacy they began to build in me.”

~ Jordan Love

Due to his dwarfism, Jordan’s childhood was filled with surgeries that limited his mobility. He often felt left out when other kids were able to participate in fundraisers like jog-a-thons and fun runs to raise money for causes that mattered to them.

That’s why the Miles for Moms 5K is a fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Jordan!

Day-Of Miles for Moms 2023

The day started with a kids’ fun run. Over 15 kids lined up at the start and threw themselves into a short run around the park. When they crossed the finish line, every child received a medal to hang around their neck. They loved it! Several of the older children even went back to encourage their younger siblings across the finish.

Then, it was their parents’ turn. Over 100 people participated in the 5K. This included 27 walk-ups who, intrigued by the music and Holt banners, came over to hear about the event and ended up signing up — learning about Holt’s mission in the process! Some ran, some walked and some even pushed their strollers down along the river path and back through Alton Baker Park along Prefontaine’s trail.

James Longoria of Eugene was the decisive first place winner, finishing at 19:08. The first place female and fourth overall was Meredith Goehring, a Holt employee, who finished at 23:56. Our oldest finisher was Jane Dods, 87, completing the course at 1:33:53. Go Jane!

Every woman who crossed the finish line was handed a single, beautiful carnation in honor of women and mothers everywhere.

Many of the finishers, participants and their families gathered a mile away at Holt headquarters afterward for lunch, a raffle, lawn games and a bounce house for the kids!

Thank You From Jordan for Miles for Moms

“Thank you to everyone who supported Miles for Moms by either running the 5k and/or financially supporting this event,” Jordan says. “I created Miles for Moms last year to honor the women in my life who were instrumental my success. As I was planning this event, I wanted to exhibit one of my most thankful gifts, my physical ability, and that is how this event became an honoree run.”

Jordan expressed his thanks for how the community came together to honor the women in their lives and help provide nurturing care for children with medical needs. 

“My heart is full of joy for how this event has blossomed,” says Jordan. “Thank you to everyone who supported Miles for Moms and those who continue to help children have a safe and secure home.” 

We would also like to thank our generous sponsors: our title sponsor Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Summit Bank, TechnaPrint, National Business Solutions and Wells Fargo Continuity Group.

See you next year!

Jordan stands on Hayward Field

Support Jordan’s Miles for Moms Walk-a-Thon!

Support Holt adoptee and staff member Jordan Love in his Miles for Moms walk-a-thon. All proceeds support Holt’s programs for children with disabilities!

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