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Holt’s adult adoptee community outreach coordinator, Carmen Hinckley, shares a few organizations that serve adult adoptees from diverse backgrounds — China, Korea, South America and Extended Latin America.

China’s Children International (CCI): This organization was founded in 2011, “created by and for Chinese adoptees.” They empower and connect Chinese adoptees all over the world. Their programming and content include Facebook pages, an art anthology, and a comprehensive resources page. CCI believes “that adult adoptee voices are the future of our community, and we passionately committed to amplifying and empowering all Chinese adoptee voices.”

Adoptees of South America and Extended Latin Americas (ASA): This group serves as a resource for adult adoptees who are connected to a Latin country by either birth or birth parents. They host monthly meetings online, keep an active social media presence and an Instagram Live Series featuring stories from their members. Their mission is to “provide adoptees with a space for connection, support, and encouragement in any step of their journeys.”

International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA): This organization began in 2004 in Europe and the United States. Its mission is “to connect, support, and advocate for the global Korean adoptee community.” They host large gatherings, including one in Seoul, South Korea every three years. IKAA also has networks worldwide and serves as an advocate for adoptees worldwide through “key policy positions and partnerships.” Their values include Adoptee Leadership, Space to Nurture Growth, Global Connectedness, Shaping Public Narratives, and Advocating for Each Other.  

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Did you know Holt provides support to all adoptees?

Every adoptee has a unique and complex life experience. Holt strives to support all adoptees, regardless of their placing agency, by providing help with birth search, citizenship and more.

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