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Little girl picks up snack from grovery store shelf

Recent program updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


Our staff in China held 111 in-person visits and 112 online visits with children and families in Holt family strengthening programs.

A total of 35 children received academic tutoring, and Holt-supported activity centers conducted activities that benefitted 679 people.

Children do arts and crafts at activity center

Caregivers at Tianjin Peace House took children to the supermarket to enhance their social skills.

Little girl picks up snack from grovery store shelf


Through the reunification program at La Casa, one of Holt’s partner organizations in Colombia, children and parents received training as they prepared to reunite after a period of separation. This looks like providing information and tools for parents to handle behaviors and difficulties that children may present, as well as possible healthcare scenarios to ensure the welfare of children as they readjust to living in their birth family.


Holt Ethiopia provided school supplies to nearly 2,000 children in sponsorship and their siblings. This support offered substantial relief for those families, as inflation in Ethiopia is severely affecting household finances, particularly those who were already struggling.   

Children at Walana School Ethiopia holding new school supplies


While schools have begun to open for the new year in Haiti, enrollment is low and they have not resumed full activities due to ongoing political instability. Holt Haiti expects school partners to resume regular activities soon, and they are preparing to re-launch school related programs. These programs include the school feeding program, education support, health screenings and library and reading activities.


A local Holt partner, Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT), hosted anaemia awareness sessions that reached 86 parents in migrant communities. Many mothers expressed an eagerness to provide foods rich in iron for their families. Challenges remain in reaching the entire community and regarding cases where parents still don’t understand the importance of or unable to help their children avoid anaemia.

Children living in a migrant camp served by our local partner, VCT.


Our local partner Kaisahang Buhay Foundation held three training session on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) for foster parents. A total of 13 foster parents attended the training with lots of excitement!  


Holt provided support to the Thai government to run a workshop on lessons learned from the Thailand Special Needs Project with 14 orphanages. The director general of Thailand’s department of children and youth attended the workshop. Holt’s senior executive of intercountry adoption, Lisa Vertulfo, spoke about adoption trends. Participants also had the chance to discuss successes and challenges, as well as plans for improvement.

Group of people gather on a stage for conference panel
Panel on intercountry adoption at the conference in Thailand.
Large group of people at conference pose for camera
A gathering of conference attendees and participants.


The nutrition team and village health teams (VHTs) trained community members on best nutrition practices using the Holt Nutrition Flipbook, equipping 853 caregivers to improve the nutrition of children using locally available foods. The use of the flipbook has greatly improved health knowledge and practices among these communities!  

children laughing and playing with colorful balloons

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