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Three brothers do paper crafts at a table

Silas, Theo and Ian Need a Family!

Brothers Silas, Theo and Ian need a family to love them! They are hoping to be adopted together. Could you be the right family for these brothers?

Silas (age 13) is sociable, happy, active, curious and expressive. He is a leader among his peers. He takes initiative, is responsible and can work independently. Silas has an affectionate bond with his foster mother and other members of the family group. Silas is physically healthy, aside from minor vision issues.

Theo (age 12) is a sociable leader who is adaptable and active. He respects authority and obeys rules. Theo is affectionate and expressive, especially with his foster mother. His developmentally on track and physically healthy.

Ian (age 10) has an affectionate and expressive relationships with his foster mother. He is sociable, enjoys positive attention from adults, likes to danc, and enjoys playing football. Isaac is physically healthy, aside from minor vision issues.

Silas, Theo and Ian are living in separate foster homes. However, they all communicated that they would like to be adopted with their siblings. An Ideal adoptive family would have access to language, therapeutic, and educational supports, TBRI® training, and no other children in the home. We hope that a loving adoptive family will empower the boys in their roles and responsibilities and create an affectionate and positive environment. This sibling group is eligible foe a $10,000 Families Not Finances grant.

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