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Meet Penn! He is 9 years old and ready for adoption by a loving, permanent family. Could you or someone you know be the right fit for Penn?

Holt staff met Penn in person in the fall of 2022, and he was cooperative and listened well to their instructions. His caregivers describe him as friendly, obedient and cheerful. He interacts well with children of all ages. When Penn is upset or sad, he likes to be consoled and hugged by his caregivers. Penn is familiar with adoption because some of his friends have been adopted. He has a desire to be adopted by a family one day, and he hopes to have siblings! His caregivers think he would adjust well into his adoptive family. Mostly, Penn needs a family to love him!

In school, he participates well, studies hard and is good at problem solving. He has no reported issues at school. Penn’s favorite subjects include math and language. At the end of the school day, he helps to sweep the floor and stack the chairs in his classroom.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing with toy airplanes and playing soccer with friends. When asked about what he likes best about himself, Penn said that he appreciates his cheerful attitude, ability to laugh at silly situations, and be happy. At his orphanage, he takes the initiative to complete his chores.

Penn needs a family who will be able to continue his speech therapy so he can continue to grow and develop. He would likely do well in a family with other children of any age. His parents should be able to connect with him using TBRI® concepts. Holt social workers have met this sweet boy in person and would be happy to speak to any prospective adoptive family about their time with him! If you are interested in learning more about Penn, please email our waiting child team at [email protected].

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