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A group of students in blue uniforms smiles at camera

Recent program updates from Holt-supported family strengthening and orphan care programs around the world!


Five new students were selected for a college educational support program for this new school year! The students passed their national high school exams in November 2023, and they will receive support to continue their education. 


Caregivers at our local partner Tianjin Peace House arranged a children’s activity event to increase children’s social exposure and give them a chance to play!


Children at our local partner FANA in nursery school and kindergarten had a day focused on learning how to care for the environment. The children living at FANA had a fun competition where they participated in different tests of balance, speed and concentration. 


Our local partner Sele-Enat brought together volunteer psychiatrists and psychologists to provide counseling and behavioral assessment for children in their care center. This is vital support which helps the children adapt and equips their caregivers to give them the best care possible.


Given the instability in Haiti, we are celebrating that academic activities are underway in all our partner schools! Reading activities through Holt-supported school libraries resumed this month! Students were enthusiastic to reconnect with their favorite books, with many children opting to spend their recreation time in the library. During the month of November at one partner school, there were more book loans than in the last six months of the previous school year!

Children in Haiti reading
Children at one of our partners in Haiti reading books from their school libraries.


All our partner childcare centers celebrated Diwali and Children’s Day. Children enjoyed a range of activities tailored to foster joy, community and create memories! 

A group of women and children in India play with sparklers for Diwali
Diwali festivities in India.
A group of children sits in small plastic chairs to watch a puppet show
A puppet show for Children’s Day!


Our local partner Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) participated in the celebration of the Philippines’ National Children’s Month. A child representative from KBF and a student from a high school Holt supports was invited to be a panelist for the 31st National Children’s Month Press Conference hosted by the Council for the Welfare of Children. This event aimed to raise awareness and bolster collaboration between the government, private sector and community to support children’s nutrition, mental health and welfare. 

A group of students gather in a colorful classroom with certificates
A group of students from KBF.


Over 900 children from Holt-supported Early Childhood Care and Development centers received nutritious mid-morning snack each school day. This has continued to boost their health as well as enhance school attendance and learning! 

Little girl in school uniform drinks water with her friends
A little girl at one of our partner schools in Uganda.
Sponsored twins hugging in school uniforms in Thailand

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