Girl in school uniform and backpack smiles in front of house in Cambodia

Because of Holt donors, now Seda is excelling in school and safe from child trafficking! 

In impoverished communities in Cambodia, many girls have to drop out of school. But this is so dangerous. When a girl isn’t in school here, she automatically becomes a target for child trafficking and other terrible kinds of exploitation… 

That’s why we help so many girls go to school — including 12-year-old Seda! 

When we first met Seda, her family was living in extreme poverty and they didn’t make enough to meet their basic needs. There certainly wasn’t enough money for school fees, school uniforms, a backpack and supplies. Seda almost had to drop out. But that’s where Holt donors came in! 

They gave her crisp school uniforms, a Holt backpack, and all the school supplies she needed. And they’ve continued giving her this support for six years! 

Beyond the help to go to school, Seda and her family are receiving support to help them overcome poverty — including emergency food deliveries, a safer home, and the tools and training for a family business that’s helping them stand on their own two feet. 

“Seda has improved a lot and is doing fine in school,” says her Holt social worker. “She can read and write well. She is happy and very committed to finish her schooling because she dreams of being a teacher.” 

Thank you for sending Seda the help she desperately needed! She almost dropped out of school, but now her life has been changed forever.

girl smiling with books

Send A Girl To School, Keep Her Safe

When you send a girl to school, you keep her safe from child trafficking, domestic violence and child marriage. Just $30 provides all the school supplies she needs to succeed.

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