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Young boy in Ethiopia works at a blackboard in a rural classroom

Holt donors are giving Yared a quality education.

Yared knows that education is making all the difference in his life. And it’s thanks to a special school that Holt donors support in rural Ethiopia

“If it wasn’t for this school, I would be living in the dark and would end up struggling being a farmer like my mother,” Yared says. 

He’s seen how difficult life is in poverty – and how without an education there is little hope of rising above it. But now he has hope!  When it was time for him to enroll in school, there weren’t many options for families living in poverty. But then his mom found the Wallana School — funded by the generous giving of Holt donors! 

“I am very grateful and I will never forget the support and kindness I get. My future is bright.” 


This school is accessible and free to children in the community where Yared lives. It provides the high-quality education that he and 700 other children wouldn’t otherwise receive. 

Young boy studies in classroom with other students.

Ever since he started school, Yared has been a dedicated student who works very hard. In his latest fifth-grade tests, he scored an average of 99.8%! Amazing! 

“I am very grateful and I will never forget the support and kindness I get,” Yared says about Holt donors. “My future is bright.” 

girl smiling with books

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