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Pia Needs An Adoptive Family!

Pia is waiting for a family! Could you or someone you know be the right fit for this 11-year-old?

Meet Pia! Pia lives with a foster family where she has four sisters to play with. Three of them are older, and one is younger. She especially likes to play with her older sisters. They all like to go on outings together – like eating out and shopping.

Pia’s favorite subjects are math and language. She goes to a public school where there are 15 other students in her class. Her teachers say she generally focuses well and follows rules. She is also a good helper in the classroom! Pia knows the difference between right and wrong and actively participates in activities. She has friends both at home and at school. She has two best friends who she shares snacks with and enjoys playing badminton with! Pia loves to give and receive hugs.

In the future, Pia would like to become the president of a company! She also actively expressed a desire for an adoptive family of her own. She hopes that her adoptive family will be affectionate, loving, and help guide her to be a good person.

Pia’s prospective adoptive family should not have younger children in the home and should be open to the possibility of mental health services. The family should be well versed in TBRI® and understand the dynamics of parenting a pre-teen. If you are interested in learning more about this sweet girl, please fill email our waiting child team at [email protected]!

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