Children gather in a doorway to eat breakfast in India

Holt sponsors and donors provide porridge and eggs to children in this slum neighborhood every day! 

In a slum neighborhood in southern India, children wake up with hungry tummies. Most of these children haven’t lived in the city for long. They moved here as migrants with their families, who were searching for a better life — but only found deeper poverty. 

Food is scarce for these children. And three meals a day almost never happen. Especially not for the toddlers who are too young to get food at school. 

But thankfully, just around the corner from this neighborhood there’s a Holt-supported community center and daycare! There’s a big kitchen and trained cooks who make nutritious food for the children there every day. And now, they’re taking this food out into the community too! 

Every morning, the cooks haul large pots of warm porridge and hard-boiled eggs to an empty room in one of the slum buildings. Toddlers come from the neighboring rooms and buildings, where they get to eat a delicious free breakfast! 

Now, each of these little ones gets a nutritious morning meal. They have energy for the day, and the nutrients to grow healthy and strong. 

Give Free School Lunch to a Hungry Child

So many children arrive at school without having eaten breakfast. Hunger pains keep them from learning in school. But just $30 provides school lunch to one child for one month!

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