Keeping Families Together

Holt first pioneered international adoption in 1956 and has grown and changed significantly over the last 65+ years. This series of infographics compares where we have been with where we are today as an international adoption agency.

One of the most significant changes is that the average child on the international adoption track is older and may have more special needs. Another is that the process takes longer. Today, we pursue family reunification for a child and then adoption in their birth country before exploring international adoption to unite them with a permanent family. We also emphasize post-adoption services in order to support adoptees throughout their lives! Much has changed, but our commitment to children and families remains the same.

Adoption Infographic about how adoption has changed
Infographic describing how the adoption process takes longer than it used to
Infographic describing how most children eligible for adoption are older or have special needs
Infographic about how the cost of adoption has increased
Infographic emphasizing emphasis on post adoption services
Infographic describing how intercountry adoptions have expanded
Infographic describing how the number of international adoptions have decreased
Infographic about ways Holt keeps families together
Infographic describing how more children are adopted in their birth countries today
mom adoptive son and dad holding hands and laughing

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