Little girl sits on a pink blanket in front of a blue wall.

Meet Tilly! Tilly is one year old and she is waiting for a permanent family. Tilly needs a family with access to excellent medical resources and plenty of love!

Tilly shows happiness and smiles when interacting with her caregiver and when listening to the caregiver speak. When she is sleepy, she will hold her caregiver’s hand which comforts her and allows her to fall asleep quickly. Tilly recently started attending school at a developmental center. It took her a week to adjust to the new environment, but she has since made progress.

Tilly has speech, physical, and occupational therapy regularly. In therapy, Tilly’s caregivers guide her in the actions of patting a toy, sitting cross legged, and supporting herself with arms on the floor. Her laughter and noises during the sessions indicate she enjoys the therapy sessions.

Tilly has significant medical needs that will require excellent medical resources once she comes home. If you are interested in learning more about this little girl, please email us at [email protected]! Our staff would love to share more photos and information about her.

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