A health worker points to healthy food and teaches parents

Tables brimmed with colorful, healthy foods at Holt Uganda’s Child Health Day last summer. The display taught parents about nutritious foods and how to help their children grow healthy and strong.

“I don’t know what to feed my children.” “Is this healthy?” “How can I help my child grow?” 

These questions from parents are all too common in many impoverished places around the world. But when food is scarce, it’s so important that children are eating the right kinds of foods to help them grow and overcome malnutrition. 

That’s why children and parents in Uganda learned all about healthy foods at Holt Uganda’s Child Health Day last summer! 

Families came from miles around to attend this child health day. Here, children caught up on critical vaccinations, deworming medication and vitamins. And while they were here, they saw tables brimming with pineapples, pumpkins, teff flour, bananas, carrots and more! 

Holt-trained village health volunteers stood at the tables and talked to parents about the nutritional value of these foods, why they were healthy, and how to best grow them in families’ home gardens. 

Now, parents across Uganda know what to serve their children — and even how to grow it themselves. And children are growing healthier and stronger by the day as they eat these nutritious foods.

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