Waiting child Kristina playing cards with caretaker

Kristina Needs an Adoptive Family

Kristina is ready and waiting for an adoptive family! Could you or someone you know be the right family to love her? 

Kristina’s caregivers, who have known her most of her life, say that she is soft-spoken, cooperative and shy. She works hard to please her caregivers and enjoys giving and receiving hugs from those she likes! 

Kristina loves to be active, especially enjoying activities like riding bikes, dancing and playing volleyball. Her current dream is to be a professional volleyball player when she grows up!  

Kristina focuses diligently on school, where she is motivated to have good grades and succeed. She has many friends at school, who she is very generous with. Kristina wants to be loved as part of a family, and she especially wants a family with siblings and a cat! 

A strong prospective family for Kristina will have access to good medical care for her visual impairment, and resources for understanding older child adoption and institutionalization.   

Kristina’s face is hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos of Kristina and to learn more about her, please email us at [email protected]! Our staff has recently spent time with Kristina and would love to talk about this sweet girl to a prospective family. 

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