Why One Adoptive Mom Volunteers at Winter Jam

Holt adoptive mom Angie Lewis shares why she and her family volunteer every year to help sign up new child sponsors at Winter Jam and other Holt events.

Nicole volunteering at a sponsorship table during Winter Jam!

In January 2012, my husband and our three oldest children attended Winter Jam in Atlanta. They all came home that night so excited about the concert. My husband handed me a picture of a child whose packet he picked up that night to sponsor. And he said to me that the difference with these children is that while some of them live with their birth families, some of them are waiting to be adopted. My heart melted at that moment because God had been moving me towards adoption. The next morning, I started researching Holt International, and within a few weeks, God also moved on my husband’s heart. By March, we started the adoption process for our daughter Nicole.

After our daughter came home, we began serving as Holt volunteers at Winter Jam and during Christian artist group NewSong’s Very Merry Christmas tour. These events have always been a great way for our family to enjoy great music while advocating for orphaned and vulnerable children by helping to sign up new child sponsors. We enjoy the chance to try to make a difference for kids and families.

This year, we were so excited to volunteer at NewSong’s Christmas production. My husband and I took all five of our children along with us, and each of us enjoyed looking at the pictures of the children in need of a sponsor. We were touched by many of their stories and heartbroken over their needs. As our youngest, Nicole, looked over the pictures, she wanted to know if the children were living in China and if they were waiting for adoptive families. To our knowledge, Nicole had never been sponsored, but was so excited to tell anyone who came to the table the she was adopted from China.

The Lewis family during Christmas 2016.

If you have never volunteered at Winter Jam, is it a great way to serve God by advocating for the kids Holt serves around the world while enjoying several musical artists. For our family, it has become an event that we each look forward to every year. It is our prayer that more families will sponsor these sweet children and that more will come home to loving families.

Angie Lewis | Acworth, GA

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