One Adoptee’s Big Heart is Healing Another Girl’s Heart in Mongolia

In honor of her 10th birthday, Holt donor and adoptee Mei Li and her family gave $5,000 as a matching gift for our “Heal a Heart for Valentine’s Day” campaign.  

When Mei Li was adopted from China seven years ago, her family received an adoption grant and support from family and friends to help make it possible. They always knew they wanted to give back in a big way, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Zaya is waiting to receive her lifesaving heart surgery.

When Mei Li learned about Zaya, the 10 year old who is being featured in this year’s Heal a Heart campaign, she was immediately drawn to her and wanted to use her family’s gift to help. Zaya lives in an orphanage in Mongolia and was just diagnosed with a serious heart condition. She needs a heart surgery right away, but her orphanage can’t afford it on their own…  

“I hope Zaya has enough supporters to help her reach her heart’s desire!” Mei Li says.

Thank you, Mei Li, for your big heart for Zaya and helping children across the world!  

Young girls who needs a heart surgery in China

Heal a Child’s Heart

This Valentine’s Day, you can give a child the lifesaving heart surgery they’ve been waiting for.

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