Thermoses and Puffy Coats!

Holt donors gave much-needed cold weather items to students in China. 

It gets so cold in northern China, and families living in poverty there can’t afford the right gear to keep their children warm. Kids try to hurry on their way to school, but they often have to walk such long distances — and are freezing the whole way… 

But now, hundreds of children in China are staying warm. All because of you! 

Children at Holt-supported schools in the coldest regions of China received warm down jackets and insulated thermoses. These gifts are great quality, and will last as long as they need them! 

Children were overjoyed to get their red, orange or blue puffy jackets. Their faces truly said it all. And their new Holt thermoses will even keep food warm so they can enjoy a nice hot lunch. 

Thank you for your generosity to children in China! 

Give a cold weather rescue pack, and keep a child warm this winter!

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