Mya Needs an Adoptive Family!

Meet Mya! Mya needs a family to love her and help her thrive.

Mya’s caregivers describe her as a creative, delightful, happy, and easy-going child. Her favorite activity is Taekwondo. In her pictures and videos, you can see her practicing. She seems to be having a lot of fun! Her other favorite activities include drawing and puzzles.

Mya currently lives with her foster family which includes her foster mom, dad, and siblings. She gets along well with her foster family and enjoys playing with her younger foster sister. Mya is creative, imaginative and talkative around new people.

Mya enjoys playing with peers and gets along well with others. When playing with other children, she can take turns and is very talkative and interactive. Her foster family says she can follow simple instructions, although she does need an occasional reminder to stay on task. If Mya enjoys a task, she can focus for 20-30 minutes. If she doesn’t enjoy the task, she needs encouragement to finish.

It took some time for her to adjust to the new daily routine of her foster family. But, once she was familiar with the routine, she could follow it without needing reminders. She helps with daily chores including washing dishes and packing her school bag. She has a good appetite and enjoys eating rice the most!

At school, Mya attends both regular and special education classes. Mya attends speech, physical, and occupational therapy sessions. Since she started therapy sessions, her development has improved.

Mya needs a family who can be understanding, patient and capable of adjusting their expectations to her strengths and abilities. They should also be open to unknown future development. They will need access to speech, physical, and occupational therapies so she can continue to reach her potential!

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