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Little girl smiles at camera

Holt vice president of programs and services, Thoa Bui, shares about child sponsorship in Haiti, where a school breakfast program is helping a little girl named Mira get the love and care she needs!

When I heard Mira’s story, it made me smile. She is so happy and healthy now, and she brings so much joy to her family. Because of Holt sponsors, Mira is receiving the support she needs to thrive!

Tuesday is Mira’s favorite day of the week. She gets up and dressed early, just to be sure she will be on time for school. Why? Because Tuesday’s school breakfast is her favorite: fig, banana, a boiled egg and toast with peanut butter!

Mira attends a Holt-supported school in Haiti where Holt sponsors provide a free, nutritious breakfast every morning. The meals follow a weekly menu that is developed with guidance from the Holt nutrition team. It includes protein and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Mira told us that all the meals are delicious and satisfying!

Gladys is Mira’s mother. She adopted Mira when she was just a small, sick baby. However, Gladys lives in poverty and could not afford all the medical care, nutritious food and school supplies that Mira needed.

“At the hospital, I would have had to pay the consultation fees, the lab exam fees and the medication fees. But my child benefited from all these privileges for free!”

Gladys, Mira’s mother

But then a Holt sponsor stepped up to help pay for Mira to attend school. This made it affordable for Gladys to send her to daughter a good, Holt-supported school that takes care of its students in every way it can. Now in 5th grade, Mira has excelled in all her classes and her teachers comment on how intelligent she is. She wants to grow up to become a nurse!

In addition to school lunches, the school also brought in a medical team. They provide health assessments and nutrition education for all the children. During her check-up, Mira told the doctor that she sometimes got headaches and bellyache. As a result, the doctor prescribed her medicine to help! Now, after taking the medicine regularly, Mira says, “I feel fine!”

“At the hospital, I would have had to pay the consultation fees, the lab exam fees and the medication fees” Gladys says. “But my child benefited from all these privileges for free!”

I share Gladys’ pride and relief that Mira is developing physically and mentally from the quality meals and medical attention she gets at school. Holt sponsors are a blessing from God, and every time Gladys looks at her daughter she thanks God and Holt sponsors for helping her precious little girl to reach her full potential in life.

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