Just Look at These Smiles: Photos From International Day of the Child 2019

Every year on June 1, the International Day of the Child, Holt sponsors and donors help throw a massive party for children in our programs around the world! For children who have so little — children living in poverty with their families or in orphanages or foster homes without a family of their own — your generous gifts create a day of abundance, laughter, silliness and fun.

Just look at the smiles on the faces of these kids at last year’s parties… YOU made this happen. You have a beautiful heart, and we’re so grateful for you.

At the daycare centers that sponsors and donors support in Colombia, the children had a visit from a clown and a superhero! They also played with puppets and balloons, ate special foods that they don’t normally eat — hotdogs, cupcakes and candy — sang songs, played games and received new blankets for nap time.

In rural Cambodia where sponsors and donors help children stay in school, children played team-building games, had cupcakes and sodas, and laughed and played all day.

In the Philippines, children in sponsor-supported daycare dressed up and marched in a parade! They performed dances and songs, had barbecue and special baked goodies, and had fun playing together.

During the celebration in Uganda, children took the stage to advocate for their rights and protection through songs, skits and dances. They ate special snacks and drank sodas, and they were very excited to receive cards from their sponsors. “To a child from a poor family, it is immensely reassuring that somebody, somewhere, cares about them. As a result, they see a bright future ahead of them,” one local staff member wrote after attending the party.

“To a child from a poor family, it is immensely reassuring that somebody, somewhere, cares about them. As a result, they see a bright future ahead of them.”

In China, children in sponsorship range from young kids with special needs in foster care to teenagers in educational sponsorship. While younger children loved their gifts of little toys, new clothes and cards from their sponsors, teenagers picked out new books and received pocket money and comfortable new bedding for their boarding school dorms. But even the teenagers loved receiving birthday cards from their sponsors! They loved looking at their sponsors’ pictures, and reading their heartfelt messages.  

In Ethiopia, children in sponsorship at the Holt-supported kindergarten and deaf school celebrated by performing plays, reading poems and holding a talent show! They ate cookies, read the cards from their sponsors and received awards for academic excellence. More than 2,000 people — kids,  families and local officials  — participated in this special event to celebrate and recognize children.

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