Kane and Tim Need an Adoptive Family!

Kane and Tim need an adoptive family! These cheerful brothers are very close and enjoy spending time together. Thanks to a generous donor, a $10,000 Families Not Finances grant is available to help with their adoption.

Kane is the eldest brother and is twelve years old. He has two favorite caregivers who he has a good relationship with. They would describe Kane as introverted, shy and thoughtful. His caregivers also call him a “good, responsible boy.” He loves to draw and his favorite subject at school is art. He also likes to play soccer, on the playground and with remote-control cars.

Kane’s teachers say he is well-behaved and needs some extra support at school. Kane is developmentally delayed and has trouble with reading and math.

The youngest brother, Tim, is eleven years old. He is described as kind, silly and inclusive of others. He enjoys going to school to play with his best friends and reading, especially fairy tales! He completes his homework independently and is said to be good at problem-solving. He also likes animals and enjoys seeing dogs and cats around the neighborhood. Tim is very active and some of his favorite games are soccer, basketball and running! He and Kane often play games like hide-and-seek together.

Kane and Tim need an adoptive family who understands or is willing to learn about older child adoption. The best family for Kane and Tim should have access to excellent special education and English As Second Language (ESL) resources. Kane and Tim’s adoptive family should also encourage and maintain a connection to the boys’ culture of birth.

Kane and Tim’s faces are hidden here due to country restrictions on privacy. To see photos and videos and learn more about them, email us at [email protected].

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