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Young boy smiles holding jar of candy

Meet Carlos! Carlos’s caregivers described him as an active, happy, kind and adventurous boy. Carlos understands adoption, and he tells his social worker that he hopes to be adopted by a family one day!

Carlos has recently transitioned from living with a foster family to living at a children’s home. He had a strong bond with his foster family, so it has been a difficult transition. But, during this transition, he has befriended another boy in the home who is helping him adjust. They enjoy chatting and playing with one another. Between this friendship and some visits where Carlos has gotten to reconnect with his foster family, he is doing much better and becoming even more resilient.

Young boy in Pokemon t-shirt chops food in the kitchen

Carlos helps around the home by doing things like cooking fried eggs for the younger children. He also enjoys participating in basketball tournaments with the other children at the home. Carlos has also joined the badminton team at school, where his coach tells him he has a great deal of talent! Recently, Carlos played a match against the team’s best player! Training for badminton has given Carlos a new sense of purpose and direction in life, which has been good for his self esteem and continued adjustment to the children’s home.

Carlos does well in school. He has perfect attendance and his teachers say he has an earnest attitude towards learning. A recent psychological assessment concluded that Carlos’ cognitive abilities are within normal range for his age. Reports state that Carlos has good expressive abilities and can understand others’ speech. His favorite subject is physical education, especially when he can play a game that involves balls. In his free time, he likes to play basketball and badminton with friends.

An ideal adoptive family for Carlos should understand the effects of trauma, grief/loss, and multiple placements. They should be patient with his adjustment and utilize TBRI® techniques to create an environment of safety for him. If you are interested in learning more about Carlos, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]. We have many photos and videos of Carlos to share with prospective families!

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