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Little girl in a pink sweater sits at a table

Nora needs a family! She is waiting for an adoptive family to give her the love and care she deserves. Could your family be the right fit for this sweet six year old?

Nora’s caregivers describe her as kind, helpful and considerate. She is polite and respectful to the adults in her life and appreciates affirmation from them! Nora enjoys outdoor activities such as playing on the jungle gym and jumping on the trampoline! She loves cuddles and affection, and her favorite song is “So Long, Farewell” from “The Sound of Music.”

Nora engages well with other child her age, although she also enjoys playing on her own and has an imaginary friend who she plays with too! Most of the time Nora likes to play close to her caregivers. She gravitates away from loud noises and towards calm and quiet.

Nora’s current home and caregivers provide her a structured, routine environment where she thrives. She rises early, bathes, has breakfast and then gets ready to go to school. At school she eats a nutritious lunch, and she enjoys the time with her peers and teachers. Nora learns visually, and her school provides a visual schedule of each day that help her know what’s coming next. After school, she has time to play before dinner and then she goes to bed! Nora has a well established eating and sleeping routine, and she follows both without difficulty. She loves sandwiches, soups and stews — pretty much anything her caregivers provide for her, except tomatoes!

Nora needs a family who will need to establish clear boundaries to help her grow and develop to her potential. The family should be open to the unknowns in development. The family should have access to strong educational support, occupational therapy services, and utilize TBRI® strategies. If you are interested in learning more about Nora, please email our waiting child team at [email protected]!

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