Last Year’s Holt Adoptee Scholarship Winners!

stock photo of four graduates in caps and gowns to advertise 2020 holt adoptee scholarship contest

We kicked off our 2021 Holt Adoptee Scholarship Contest on June 10th! Adoptees from any agency, domestic or international, are invited to submit a project answering this prompt:

What’s in a name? Revealing the stories behind our adoptive names, birth names and nicknames. Tell us how your name(s) impacts your identity.

We encourage you to interpret the 2021 prompt creatively — whether it be through a self-portrait, an essay, digital art, a zine, a song, original choreography, poetry or a short film (or anything else you might come up with!). For non-essay submissions, please include a brief artist statement describing your piece (200 words or fewer). Submissions are due by July 31, 2021. Our team is looking forward to seeing your work!

Need some inspiration? Check out the winning projects from the 2020 Holt Adoptee Scholarship Contest!

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Rituals to Help You Manage Stress – Facebook Live Discussion

We know that 2020 has been a stressful year, especially for parents!

Here is the recording of the live session with Marissa Robello and Carolyn Cain walking us through how to manage stress using rituals.

Thanks for watching! For more information about the supportive services we offer, you can contact us at: or

5 Things to Know About Adopting From Taiwan

stock photo of older girl looking at camera to represent children adopting from taiwan

Children in Taiwan are waiting for loving and secure adoptive families! Are you considering adopting from Taiwan?

As of August 16th, we are currently not accepting applications for the standard program, the waiting child program (children 5 and older of both genders with special needs) is still open to applicants and eligibility guidelines are more flexible.

Here are five things you should know about adopting from Taiwan!

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Serving Children and Families In Times of Crisis

In recent weeks, Holt International, like all organizations, has felt the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic — both here in the U.S., and in our programs around the world.

But this is not the first crisis that Holt has weathered in our 64 years of serving children and families.

I think of the Vietnam Babylift in 1975, when our staff in Vietnam worked tirelessly to airlift children to safety as Saigon fell to the north. Or the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, when we helped secure emergency visas for children waiting to join their adoptive families in the U.S.

Through it all, we have never wavered in our mission to ensure a stable, loving home for every child. And although we are humbled by the challenges before us, this current crisis is no different. We stand fully committed to the children and families we serve, and will not rest until every child is safe in the arms of their permanent, loving family, here in the U.S or in the country of their birth.

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An Easter Message from Phil Littleton

Hi there Holt Families and Friends,

I hope you are well, and keeping the faith, that things will get better. I’m Phil Littleton, president of Holt International.

As we head into this Easter weekend, I imagine your plans look a lot different than past years. No Easter church gatherings in-person, no community egg hunts for the kids, and no meals with extended family and friends…

At a time when so many of us typically gather together in a spirit of hope and renewal, and celebrate the risen Christ – many of us are now feeling a sense of fear and uncertainty.

Please know – that you are in our prayers in these uncertain times.

Also in our thoughts and prayers — now more than ever — are the children and families, and orphans, that we serve together with you around the world. Because they, too, are feeling and experiencing all of these things.

But for many of them, this crisis has an exponentially greater effect.

Children and families who were safe and stable a month ago are now in desperate need because of this pandemic:

  • In India, mothers are calling our partners in tears because they have no food for their children.
  • In Mongolia, children who used to spend their days safely learning at school are now back, spending their days in a garbage dump, rummaging for food or recyclables to sell.
  • In Haiti, parents are out of work and have no way of feeding their children.
  • And in many countries, adopted children are waiting longer in orphanages because their families can’t travel to bring them home.
  • Our orphanage partners are now scrambling to purchase enough medical supplies to protect the children in their care, and our staff in country are doing everything they can to deliver food to hungry families. But they desperately need our help.

So this Good Friday and Easter weekend, will you join me in lifting these children and families, and our staff and partners, up in prayer? Because of Easter, because of Jesus, we can be people of hope during this time of fear and uncertainty.

If you can, will you also please consider give a gift — as generous as you can — to help meet the urgent and unforeseen needs that children and families are now facing?

It’s easy to feel powerless in times of crisis. But when we come together in faith, we have the power to help children and families in gravest need around the world. Thank you for continuing to care about and help children in these uncertain times. Thank you for continuing to extend hope.

From me and all of us at Holt, I wish you and your loved ones a joyful, hopeful Easter.

News from our Orphanage Partners in China

Over the last week, over 700 donors came together to provide urgently needed medical and cleaning supplies to protect the 600 children in care at our partner orphanage in Wuhan, as well as seven other orphanages in China’s Hubei province — the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

We just received photos and videos from our partner orphanages, showing how these supplies have gone to use to protect children from this deadly virus! All children in care at all of our partner orphanages in China are reportedly healthy and safe.


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