5 Things to Know About Adopting from Taiwan

stock photo of older girl looking at camera to represent children adopting from taiwan
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Adopt From Taiwan

Many children in Taiwan are waiting for a loving, permanent family.

Children in Taiwan are waiting for loving and secure adoptive families! Are you considering adopting from Taiwan?

We are currently not accepting applications for the standard program. The waiting child program (children 5 and older of both genders with special needs) is still open to applicants and eligibility guidelines are more flexible.

Here are five things you should know about adopting from Taiwan!

  1. Taiwan has a very strong child welfare system that first seeks to reunite children with their birth families or unite them with an adoptive family in Taiwan before pursuing international adoption. But for many older children or children with special needs, international adoption remains the best route to a stable, loving family.
  2. All children who need families in Taiwan have some level of developmental delay and/or a complex birth family history. There are boys and girls typically between 2-8 years old, though some children younger than 2 and as old as 15 also need families. Sibling groups are also common.
  3. Adoptive parents must be between 30-48 years old, though parents as young as 25 may be considered. If adopting an older child, exceptions can be made for parents up to 55 years of age. Single applicants are accepted on a case-by-case basis for children featured on the Taiwan waiting child photolisting.
  4. While in Taiwan, children waiting to join adoptive families reside in specialized childcare facilities or foster care where they receive the highest quality of care and therapeutic services. Because children are in the care of our local partners, their medical records are also very detailed and thorough.
  5. Children waiting for adoptive families in Taiwan come from complicated birth parent situations. The social service system in Taiwan is very proactive in making sure each child is in a secure and stable environment. Adoptive families also receive detailed information about their child’s birth parents and family history.
Mom kissing her adoptive son from China on a boat

Visit the Waiting Child Photolisting

Meet some of the children waiting for loving adoptive families. Could you be the right family for one of these children?

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